Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The National Framework of Qualifications forms the basis of a new, more flexible and integrated system of qualifications.  The need for such a system arises in the main from the national objective of moving towards a ‘lifelong learning society’, in which learners will be enabled to take up learning opportunities at chosen stages throughout their lives.

Killester College fully supports the policy of the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland to promote the co-ordination and harmonisation of processes for the recognition of prior learning on the part of education providers and awarding bodies.

Prior Learning Encompasses:

  1. Formal learning which takes place through programmes of study or training that are delivered by education or training providers, and which attract awards.
  2. Non-formal learning that takes place alongside the mainstream systems of education and training.  It may be assessed but does not normally lead to formal certification.  Examples of non-formal learning are: learning and training activities undertaken in the workplace, voluntary sector or trade union and in community-based learning.
  3. Informal learning that takes place through life and work experience.  (And is sometimes referred to as experiential learning).  Often it is learning that is unintentional and the learner may not recognise at the time of the experience that it contributed to his or her knowledge, skills and competences.

Killester College in conjunction with QQI is committed to implementing a Recognition of Prior Learning (RLP) policy to enable access to our programmes for all students.  This involves an evaluation of all the student’s learning to date so as to determine their capacity to participate on their chosen programme.  Please Contact College for details.

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