International Students

Application Procedure for International Students

Killester College has a long and proud history of welcoming students from all over the world. The richness and diversity of the variety of nationalities and cultures enriches the College community in many ways and is greatly valued by all.

All of the courses in Killester College are provided through English.  Therefore, for those whom English is not their first language, it is necessary that they demonstrate sufficient competency in English, both written and spoken, to facilitate attendance at classes.

The following administrative arrangements also apply:

  1. All international students must provide appropriate identification documentation.
  2. All international students must demonstrate compliance with residency requirements of the Irish government.
  3. EU nationals will be eligible for the same course charges as Irish students.
  4. In addition to the local course charges, non-EU nationals will be required to pay the economic fee of €3654.04  per year, as determined by the Department of Education and Skills.
  5. Some categories of non-EU nationals, such as, persons with refugee status, will be exempt from paying the economic fee. Further details are available from the College.
  6. Applications from non-EU nationals, not currently resident in Ireland, must be submitted by 1st May prior to the commencement of the course.
  7. The College will not engage in any way in the process of visa applications.