Former Killester College, Animal Science Student

Ciaran Lloyd, Student of UCD & Former Killester College, Animal Science Student.

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Being made redundant gave me the chance to work with animals which had always been an ambition of mine. Veterinary nursing quickly became what I wanted to do but unfortunately I had not got a leaving cert or experience in a working environment with animals so I stood little chance of gaining a place on a degree course. That was until I found the animal care course in Killester college. This 1 year course gave me everything I needed. It gave me the subjects I required to gain a place through the Fetac system but also the experience in a veterinary practice that ultimately led to me being accepted as a mature student because of the experience I had gained and the references had got from the vet and the nurses at this practice. I am now a full time student at UCD and this is definitely one of the best experiences of my life.