Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Entry Requirements?

Leaving Cert points are not required. However, your ability to successfully participate in the course may be gauged by your educational history, your interview, your personal statement, your references etc. For specific course requirements see individual course pages.

If English is not your first language you may be asked to sit an English language test. Cambridge, Ielts are also accepted

If Maths is part of the course you have applied for, a Maths grade may be required or you may be asked to sit a short maths test.

What are the Fees?

There are no fees for tuition. However, charges exist to cover the costs of the following items: books, some equipment, student services, examination fees and registration charges by professional bodies. Check each course page on our website or the College Office for individual course charges.

Students undertaking any full time Further Education course may apply for a means tested PLC maintenance grant. Application forms are available from SUSI from May of the year of entry.

What will I bring to the Interview?
  • A signed passport photograph
  • A reference or completed reference form from the College
  • Medical card
  • Exam results
Is there a Grant?

There are PLC grants available for full time students. See

What will I be asked at my Interview?

What do you know about the course/ modules etc?

Why are you interested in this area?

What are you hoping to do after you complete the course?

Have you done any work in this area, paid or voluntary?

Are you aware of the Work Experience placement in this course?

Do you have any contacts in this area?

What are your strengths?

Tell us about yourself.

What will you do if you do not get a place on this course?

Is there any particular area of the course you are interested in?

What are your IT skills like?

Do you have any Computer access?

Sample Interview Questions for Social Care area?

What skills and or qualities do you have that you could bring to this course?

Sample Interview Questions for Science/Animal Science/Pharmacy Assistant courses

What is your level of maths?

Have you done a science subject before?

Sample Interview Questions for Computer/IT area?

What is your level of maths?

Do you own a computer/laptop?

Have you access to Wi Fi/Broadband?

What Computer experience do you have?

Sample Interview Questions for Business Courses?

What is your level of maths?

Have you studied any Business subjects before?

Sample Questions on your Personal Statement?

Please state in your own words why you want to do the course you have applied for.

Outline your personal strengths, which you believe will help you succeed on this course.

Have you done any work in this area, paid or voluntary, if so, please include here.

Please state any other relevant information, which you believe, supports your application.

What should I do if I have a learning support need?

Students who have a learning support need are encouraged to provide the College with any relevant information at the time of application.  Any information provided is treated confidentially and does not prejudice the application.  Applicants must bear in mind that, while the College will make every effort to accommodate their needs, the resources available are limited.

What do I do about Work Experience/Placement?

Applicants organise a relevant Work Placement. Applicants can make enquiries in their community etc. This is a one day a week Placement and/or block placement. Killester College will supply you with a letter covering your insurance while you are on placement.