Cost €90

Creative Writing

This course will suit anyone who is interested in writing for fun, be they absolute beginners or aspiring writers who have had some material published…or are aiming to do so. The point I try to make is that everyone has stories that deserve to be heard. Once started, the process of getting ideas down on the page is easier than you think. Each week, we will look at a different aspect of writing e.g. plot, characterisation, writing style, researching your project, dialogue and the dos and don’ts of approaching editors/publishers. The emphasis is on fiction e.g. prose, short stories, plays etc but those interested in non-fiction e.g. freelance feature article writing/ bios will also be accommodated. The classes are interactive in that I don’t just stand up and give a lecture. We will have little exercises to demonstrate what I am trying to impart in the class. These are nothing too heavy or involved. There is no homework either! Each week, the night students will get good quality notes that expand upon the theme of that night’s theme.

Please Note

The cost of this course is €90, even if a student misses classes. Classes days and times are subject to change.

Class Times

This class will be held in Killester College
This is a 10 week class starting January 17th, 2023.
Classes on Tuesdays from 7:00 – 8:30 PM
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