Complaints Procedures

The City of Dublin Education and Training Board (ETB) and Killester College is committed to providing a service of the highest quality. Staff will do everything possible to ensure that this level of service is provided. However, when things go wrong or you disagree with something we do, you have a right to discuss your problem or make a complaint. The procedure outlined below is designed to deal with complaints about issues such as delays, mistakes, poor customer service (See Note (a) below).

Should you decide to make a complaint, we will take it seriously and deal with it as quickly as possible. We will investigate your complaint thoroughly and impartially. We will treat you sympathetically and courteously, and your future dealings with Killester College will not be affected in any way.

What to do if you have a problem relating to a particular CDETB school/college/centre.

Step 1

Most problems can be resolved straightaway by bringing them to the attention of the person you are dealing directly with in the college. You should write or arrange to speak with this person about your complaint.

Step 2

If your problem is not resolved by discussion, local college procedures should be followed. Briefly, these procedures are as follows:

(a) Principal will request that you put your complaint in writing to him. A complaint form is available from the college office on request.

(b) On receipt of your written complaint, the Principal will undertake an investigation

(c) The Principal will advise you of the outcome of his investigation and inform you of his findings and resolutions.

It is important that local procedures are used in the first instance to address your problem.

Step 3

Appeals Procedure

If you are still not satisfied, you should write directly to the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Dublin ETB who will arrange to have your complaint investigated.