Back to Education Initiative (BTEI)

Part-time Courses

There has been a growing awareness of the importance of life-long education in ireland recently.  This has been highlighted in The White Paper on Adult Education “Learning for Life”.  it is our stated aim in Killester College of Further Education to promote the development of Adult Education by providing a diverse range of courses on a modular basis.

Consistent with the White Paper we endeavour to provide opportunities for those wishing to return to education by offering courses on a flexible part-time basis.  As a result of this learners may acquire training and skills according to their own needs.  Learners can choose individual components or times they wish to attend the College.  Part-time courses take place in the College from Monday to Friday.

Back to Education Initiative (BTEI)

Under the scheme:

Free Tuition is offered to the Unemployed, FIS, Means-tested welfare, Medical card holders and their dependants. The social welfare payments and other payments and health board benefits to be covered by this arrangement will include persons who hold the benefits outlined below and their dependants:

  • Medical Card
  • Supplementary Welfare Allowance
  • Unemployment Benefit
  • Unemployment Assistance
  • Family Income Supplement (FIS)
  • Farm Assist
  • Carers Allowance
  • One Parent Family Payment
  • Back to Work Allowance
  • Community Employment
  • Part-time Job Incentive Scheme
  • Widow’s/Widower’s Non Contributory Pension
  • Blind Person’s Pension
  • Pre-retirement Allowance
  • Old Age Non-Contributory Pension
  • Orphans Non-Contributory Pension
  • Disability Benefit (Held for a continuous period of at least 6 months)
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Disability Pension
  • Disability Allowance

It should be noted that many of the beneficiaries listed continue to receive payments from the Department of Social Protection. However, their continued payment is subject to their eligibility for the particular scheme (for instance in the case of unemployment payments that the persons concerned are still available for and actively seeking work, and that the course is likely to improve their chances of gaining employment).

  • Free tutition is also offered to other unwaged learners with less than upper second level education or equivalent.
  • Others pay fees.
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